Options for assessing this course act as “satisfactory” and “unsatisfactory” on Sociology

A rating of “satisfactory” is placed if:

– the writer of this course act as an understands that are whole theoretical essence associated with issue being examined;

– the utilization of this course task is completed primarily in conformity aided by the theme, item, topic, function and goals, the selected methodology;

– coursework is descriptive;

– the techniques and types of the analysis aren’t completely sufficient to your methodology;

– not all the research techniques meet all demands and / or are obtained from dependable sources;

– whenever analyzing the outcomes associated with the research, statistical data processing practices had been utilized that did perhaps perhaps not completely match towards the tasks set;

– The test of this research are at minimum 10 individuals when it comes to making use of quantitative and also at least 3 situations in the actual situation of making use of research that is qualitative techniques (3 program). The test associated with research are at minimum 20 individuals when you look at the situation of employing quantitative and also at least 5 instances into the situation of using qualitative research practices (4 program);

– the outcome acquired in the empirical area of the work are followed by A interpretation that is superficial of data;

– the menu of sources utilized is very complete, the review that is bibliographic indicates, generally speaking, the elaboration that is necessary of literary works in the dilemma of program work;

– the aim of the work had not been completely accomplished, not totally all the objectives were resolved;

– the last conclusions of this program work are usually dependable, yet not adequately substantiated;

– the written text associated with program work, a listing of sources utilized, applications are developed in basic according to what’s needed with minor flaws;

– the report on protection needless to say work is generally speaking rational and convincing;

– the pupil fundamentally answers the extra concerns properly, but wrongly utilizes the clinical categorical device, has difficulties in substantiating the selected research practices.

The score of «unsatisfactory » is scheduled if:

– there is non- conformity of utilize general demands, breach of the order of planning, guidelines and structural design associated with work;

– used methods that are inadequate research strategies;

– research techniques try not to fulfill all demands and / or extracted from unreliable sources;

– there is certainly lack of the part that is empirical of work;

– separate scattered fragments of this text, rough sketches of work that do perhaps not grow into the completed text of this program work are offered, whenever a not enough self-reliance within the performance associated with program work (plagiarism) is found.

A grade of “unsatisfactory” means a student’s educational failure.

perhaps maybe Not work that is allowing protect is also feasible.

The explanation for non-admission needless to say strive to protection is non-compliance of utilize basic demands, breach for the planning procedure, guidelines and design that is structural of work, perhaps perhaps not supplying the course work to the study manager additionally the division on time with no explanation.

Perhaps maybe Not admission of coursework to defense, unsatisfactory mark in the protectionof coursework, failure to appear for defense without a good explanation is known as educational financial obligation, that your pupil must expel in a prompt way.

Protection of a training course work

Defense is a general public procedure and it is held in the formally appointed time and time. The main topics the course work and also the true title regarding the writer are declared. Then term is provided to the student. Scholar’s presentation must certanly be brief (five minutes).

The elements that are following within the message:

1. The study subject, relevance.

2. The purpose and goals of this research.

custom writings 3. The object associated with research.

4. Research practices.

5. Hypothesis (3-4 courses).

6. traits for the sampling technique.

7. link between the theoretical, piloting the empirical in addition to finished empirical research.

8. The practical importance of the outcomes. The presentation might be associated with a multimedia presentation.

The supervisor, as well as all those present, have at the end of a speech the best to ask the pupil concerns both on the substance associated with issue he’s considering as well as on associated topics. During the end associated with the securityprocedure, the learning pupil is provided the chance to produce a summary. In it, he is able to again justify or explain their findings and react to criticisms. The manager announces the total outcomes of the protection.